Notice about Coronavirus, August 2020

The past few months have brought unprecedented challenge and uncertainty to so many people. Our services have continued to run remotely, and you can still get in touch with us by phone and email. We are operating a hybrid model for the forseeable future - continuing to offer virtual appointments, and gradually opening our offices, with appropriate social distancing and cleaning measures, for face-to-face appointments. We will continue to provide remote support to clients, volunteers and other local agencies. If you find that you cannot reach us by phone, please follow up with an email to info@refugeeresource.org

During this time, our priority is the safety and wellbeing of our clients and their families, particularly those most at risk, as well as our staff and volunteers. Our services team have created some updated guidelines for clients below.


Coronavirus information for clients

You will also find information in other languages and other helpful links on our Resources page.

What we do

Refugee Resource provides psychological, social and practical support for refugees, asylum seekers and vulnerable migrants to help them heal from trauma and suffering, and to build new lives as part of Oxfordshire’s diverse community.  

How we do it

A holistic approach:  Our range of therapeutic services work holistically together to relieve mental and emotional distress, improve well-being and empower people to connect with the local community.  Our services include counselling and psychotherapy, mentoring, specialist services for women and men, advice and advocacy support, a hardship fund for destitute clients and bursary funding so people can access training and employment. 


Client-centred: Our clients’ needs are at the centre of all decision-making. We achieve this through regular consultation with clients to shape our ways of working and service provision and via external evaluations. In 2016/17, we re-established our Refugee Advisory Board to give us feedback on our services.  

Partnership working: We work with, and through, other organisations to provide the best possible end-to-end service for vulnerable people. We take time to plan our services and talk to other providers to avoid duplication and ensure join-up.

Sharing our expertise: We provide training for other organisations on mental health and effective ways to work with refugees and migrants, to ensure our clients are treated with understanding and compassion when trying to establish themselves in the UK.

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Refugee Resource provides meaningful and supportive services for some of the most vulnerable groups of people within our society. We feel that anyone who seeks refuge deserves the best possible support and guidance, in order to re-establish their lives in an environment in which they feel safe.


We would welcome your support in promoting our services, mentoring our clients and helping us raise funds to support our ongoing work.

Call: 01865 403280    |     Email: info@refugeeresource.org

To relieve distress, improve well-being and facilitate the integration of refugees and asylum seekers in Oxfordshire, by providing psychological, social and practical support.

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If you have any concerns about safeguarding please contact OSCB, if about a child, and OSAB, if about an adult.

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“…improving English, and you get more confident. Better than in English classes.” “Someone is listening to me”​

‘I can be myself, I can talk about my problems, it is confidential and I can trust’​

‘It is a liberating experience to be with someone who wants to be there, not someone whose job it is, someone who listens and looks to solve problems’ ​

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