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Principles of our work

Our values:

  • Compassion and empathy

  • Inclusiveness (client centred)

  • Flexibility and responsiveness

  • Freedom from judgement and condemnation

  • Recognition of the intrinsic value of all individuals


We offer a confidential service. We believe our users deserve the right to confidentiality to protect their interests.


We will give no personal information about a client directly or indirectly to any other organisation without the individual’s prior agreement (except in rare situations of potential self-harm or harm to others). If we think another organisation might be able to help an individual we will pass details on only if the individual agrees.


Some information from individuals will be used to create statistics. The statistics will be made public, but nothing that can identify anyone as an individual will be included.


Partnership is very important to us. But it is an over-used and misused word. By ‘partnership’ we mean that we work with others towards shared goals, which are about clients, not about organisations. We believe that our partnership approach has improved services to clients.


Partnerships as relationships

…with clients

We are committed to meeting the needs of refugees and asylum seekers as expressed by them. Our services were set up as a result of a consultation with refugees and asylum seekers, and are shaped by consultation with refugees and asylum seekers.


…with service providers

Partnership with other providers is crucial – we promote collaboration and try to avoid duplication. In order to put refugees’ and asylum seekers’ needs as close as possible to the heart of what we do, we take time to plan our services and to talk to other providers. We share information about our work (not about individuals, unless we have their permission) openly with other organisations, we learn about what others offer. If another provider can offer a more appropriate service to a client, we refer. Or, if the client would benefit from the involvement of more than one organisation, we collaborate.

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To relieve distress, improve well-being and facilitate the integration of refugees and asylum seekers in Oxfordshire, by providing psychological, social and practical support.

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If you have any concerns about safeguarding please contact OSCB, if about a child, and OSAB, if about an adult.

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